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A Complete Partner

Val-Technik is a complete partner for contractors and OEM customers, especially in the building and construction sector, providing them with a wide range of high-quality technical products and complementing technical services.

Our specialist knowledge of technical products and mechanical systems makes us a valuable partner. We are the complete partner, from solving maintenance and repair challenges to design and engineering cutomised products.



& Maintenance

Val-Technik's servicing and maintenance are supported by qualified and experienced technicians to carry out critical product functionality checks and maintenance, product repairs, removal and reinstallation services. Our inventory of products and replacement parts significantly reduces downtime for customers.


Product Sizing & Drawing

Val-Technik's breadth of products is backed up with exceptional complementing services. We pride ourselves on bringing the solution to consultants and contractors from product calculations and sizing to assembly drawings.

Product Assembly & Mounting Customization

Over the years, we have expanded our capabilities to product assembly and customization fabrication. Val-Technik has more control over quality and flexibility now more than ever.

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