Level Control

Level control valves are integral components installed with fluid storage tanks in many applications especially water tanks in a wide range of industries. The function of these valves is not only to maintain sufficient water in the tank but also to prevent the overflow of water when the tank is full.  

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Pilot Operated Float Valve
Pilot operated float valves maintain water either at a constant level (modulating pilot) or at a set high and low level (high-low pilot) in a water tank. The high-low pilot opens the main valve when water level in the tank is low and closes it when water level is high. It has the flexibility of resetting the high-low level of the water tank by adjusting the two stoppers along the float rod. The pilot float can be installed either on or away from the main valve.

Pilot Operated

Float Valve

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Altitude Valve

Altitude Valve
Altitude valves are used for maintaining water at a constant level in water tanks and reservoirs. The altitude pilot is subjected to the static height of the water level in the tank and opens proportionally to the drop in water level from the set high level which causes the main valve to open to top up the tank. 

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Float Valve

Modulating Float Valve
Modulating float valves are used in maintaining water at a constant level in water tanks. The float valve opens when the float arm is lowered and closes when the float arm is raised. General float valves have incoming water entering on one side, pushing against a rubber disc while the bouyancy of the float acts against the incoming water pressure to keep the valve closed.
The equilibrium float valve type has a hydraulically pressure balanced design which renders it unaffected by changes in the incoming line pressure.

Product Specifications available for Modulating Float Valve

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