Fire Protection

Appropriate pressures and adequate water flow in fire emergency situations are extremely important, therefore fire protection control valves are required. Pressure control valves are used to adhere to wet pipe system and hose connection pressure limit requirements in NFPA 13 and 14 and deluge valves are critical in many industrial fire protection systems. 


Pressure Control Valve

Pressure Control Valve
Pressure reducing valves are used to protect pressure sensitive piping, instrumentation and devices in fire protection systems against overpressure downstream.
Pressure relief valves on the other hand are safety devices designed to quickly relieve overpressure in a fire protection system. They are designed to open at a set pressure threshold to drain the excess water pressure to the atmosphere or to a sump.

Product Specifications available for Pressure Control Valve


Deluge Valve

Deluge Valve
Deluge valves are designed to quickly deliver huge amounts of water over a large area to extinguish a fire. They are a type of system actuation valve that is opened by a detection system that is installed in the same area as the spray nozzles or by remote manual operation supplying water to all spray nozzles. The deluge valve can be actuated electrically, pneumatically, hydraulically or a combination of them.

Product Specifications available for Deluge Valve

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