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Water stagnation leading to bacteria growth, poor discharge of chemicals and water hammering are different problems prevalent everywhere, even in a city like Singapore. Val-Technik is equipped with an innovative water hygiene system, a proven chemical waste drainage piping system and water hammering solutions to tackle these problems.

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Water Hygiene System
The water hygiene system (KHS) maintains good water hygiene in potable water systems through targeted flushing and the use of flow splitters to induce exchange of water in pipe branch loops in rooms. The flow splitter is installed at the cross junction of the main pipe and the pipe branch loop in a room. It uses the principle of a Venturi nozzle to draw water from the branch loop when there is demand from downstream of the main pipe, preventing water stagnation in the absence of usage in the room.

Water Hygiene System

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Chemical Waste

Drainage Piping System

Chemical Waste Drainage Piping System
The chemical waste drainage piping system is a chemical resistant pipework system installed in healthcare facilities, laboratories, research facilities and even industrial facilities. The material is suitable for chemical combinations such as acids, alkalis, solvents, detergents, blood samples, retro viruses and radioactive wastes. The entire piping system consists of waste outlets, sinks, drip cups, anti-siphon traps, dilutions recovery traps and a complete range of pipes and fittings.

Product Specifications available for Chemical Waste Drainage Piping System

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Water Hammer Arrester
A water hammer arrestor is installed in pipelines where pressure surges occur when a fluid in motion is suddenly stopped. It uses a compressible cushion of air which is permanently separated from the water to absorb the shock. When a valve closes abruptly, the moving water column is displaced up into the water hammer arrester, compressing the air until all the momentum of the moving water is safely dissipated, allowing the column to slow down calmly, preventing a water hammer from occuring.

Water Hammer


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