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Industrial valves are used across all industries and form the backbone of all piping systems and networks for controlling flow. There is a huge reliance on mechanical industrial valves for everyday operations across many sectors. Since they do not rely on external power, they are essential safety components preventing backflow, siphonage, air accumulation or for isolating systems during breakdown or maintenance.


Isolation Valve

Isolation Valve
Isolation valves are used in fluid handling systems that stop the flow of process fluid to a given place for maintenance, breakdown or diverting flow. Different types of isolating valves have different opening and closing mechanisms.
Ball valves use a rotary ball design as the main component of the valve. Butterfly valves are designed with a disc that rotates to close perpendicular to the flow. Gates valves open and close with a gate wedge perpendicular to the flow direction. Pinch valves use a rubber sleeve to pinch close either by the application of fluid pressure or mechanically in the body.

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Check Valve

Check Valve
Check valves are installed in a pipeline to prevent reverse in fluid flow. A check valve allows flow only in one direction through either its single, double disc or ball design. When there is reverse fluid flow, the disc or ball closes against the valve seat, sometimes with the help of a spring or a counterweight.

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Backflow Preventer

Backflow Preventer
Backflow preventers stop backflow from happening when there is undesirable reversal of flow of a liquid, gas, or suspended solid into a potable water supply during backsiphonage and backpressure. Backflow preventers function similarly to double check valves with the addition of a reduced pressure zone assembly. When a backflow occurs, both check valves close and the relief valve opens to release the water. 

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Air Valve &

Vacuum Breaker

Air Valve & Vacuum Breaker
Air valves prevent air accumulation and air locks during filling up of the pipeline by discharging the air through its orifice. When the pipe is fully filled with water, a ball float closes against the orifice in the air valve.
Vacuum breakers prevent back siphonage and negative pressure which can contaminate and collapse a piping system by allowing air to enter the pipeline. This happens when there is a pressure drop upstream of the pipe.

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Stainers are used in pipelines to prevent debris and large particles from flowing through which can cause damage to equipment like water meters and pumps. It consists of a mesh that catches debris passing through and the mesh can be removed for cleaning.


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Flap Valve
Flap valves ensure the protection of sewage network against reverse flow and animal intrusion.

Flap Valve

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A penstock is a gate within a frame that is installed in channels or mounted on a wall in chamber to control or divert water flow in water and sewage networks.

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