Thermal Control

Thermal control valves are used for hot and cold water mixing applications and thermal balancing of hot water recirculation systems in hotels, healthcare facilities and many more. For the former, hot and cold water are mixed to reduce the temperature of the water to prevent scalding at the point of use. In hot water recirculation systems, proper thermal balancing is imperative to achieve minimal delay of hot water at the point of use as well as to minimize energy wastage from oversized pumps and high hot water temperatures.



Mixing Valve

Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Thermostatic mixing valves are used for mixing hot water with cold water to deliver water at a constant pre-set temperature to prevent scalding at the point of use. A thermal sensitive element inside the valve expands and contracts based on the temperature of the mixed water which then adjusts the amount of hot and cold water being mixed and delivered at the point of use. The pressure actuated thermostatic mixing valve type incorporates a pressure balancing piston to compensate pressure fluctuations.

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Balancing Valve

Thermal Balancing Valve
Thermal balancing valves are used to thermally balance the water temperature of different branches in the hot water recirculation system by controlling the amount of flow to each branch. A thermal sensitive element inside the valve regulates the valve disc or cone to close progressively when the inlet water approaches the set temperature at the valve, redirecting the flow of water to branches that are further away.

Product Specifications available for Thermal Balancing Valve

Hose Station
Hose or mixing stations mix steam or hot water and cold water to control washdown temperature when used in sanitizing or cleaning application in food processing, dairy, manufacturing and pharmaceutical plants. When required, a hose station incorporates a thermostat for accurate temperature control, a dial thermometer, check valves and a hose rack.

Hose Station

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