Flow Control

Flow control valves are used where fluids in a system must be limited to a set maximum flow rate. Typical applications include balancing of chill water system branches to ensure that the heat exchangers in the various branches receive the the desired flow rate of chilled water. This is important to ensure proper temperature control in rooms of buildings which determines the level of comfort for occupants.

Flow Limiting Valve

Flow Limiting Valve
The function of the flow limiting valve is to allow only a set constant flow rate through the valve, preventing excessive flow through the pipeline regardless of changing line pressure. The pilot responds to the differential pressure across an orifice plate downstream of the valve and it causes the valve to close more when the flow rate exceeds the set value.

Product Specifications available for Flow Limiting Valve

Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV)
The pressure independent control valve maintains a constant set flow rate on the downstream of the valve in the presence of changing differential pressure conditions. An internal diaphragm regulates and maintains the differential pressure across the valve hence maintaining the set flow rate.

Pressure Independent

Control Valve (PICV)

Product Specifications available for Pressure Independent Control Valve

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