Piping Systems 

Kemper – Vulcathene – Sioux Chief

Val-Technik provides industrial solutions for the water industry. These include solutions for hygienic potable water piping systems, sizing of water hammer arrestor and chemical waste drainage piping systems for laboratories.

We are an approved distributor of the KEMPER Hygiene Potable Water Piping System KHS. Easy to install, the KEMPER KHS maintains potable water hygiene at all times while regulating temperature in hot and cold water systems. It is specially designed for industries where health risks or water contamination prevention measures are vital, such as educational institutions, hotel, hospitals and military camps.

Our polypropylene (PP) chemical waste drainage piping systems hail from a reputed UK brand trusted for applications in schools, tertiary institutions, pharmaceutical plants and R&D institutions.

Our wide range of water hammer arrestors can be engineered in various size requirements. These range from 1/2″ to 1″ sizes for residential applications, to 2″ to 4″ for industrial and commercial applications, where larger sizes are required for pumps and piping systems. Our larger arrestors can be custom-sized and factory air charged to meet specific requirements through a computerized sizing program.

  • Hygienic Portable Water Piping System

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    Hygienic Portable Water Piping System

    • For maintenance of portable water hygiene in building installations
    • For prevention of bacteria growth due to stagnation
  • Chemical Waste Draining Piping System

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    Chemical Waste Draining Piping System

    • Chemical piping systems used for laboratories in schools, universities and hospitals
  • Engineered Water Hammer Arrestor

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    Engineered Water Hammer Arrestor

    • For eradicating problems due to water hammering in pipeline systems