Industrial Valves

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Our supply of manual valves, check valves, flap valves, air vents, vacuum breakers, back flow preventers, strainers and penstock are available in various sizes and materials for different industry applications. With our manufacturer’s expertise and supply network, we can offer durable, reliable solutions that will meet and improve your process performance.

  • Isolation Valves

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    Isolation Valves

    • Pinch Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves
    • Manual valves for isolating a system during maintenance
  • Check Valves

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    Check Valves

    • Allows flow of fluid in one direction.
    • Used in many industrial applications like pumps and boiler systems
  • Back Flow Preventers

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    Back Flow Preventers

    • A type of double check valve which prevents contamination and pollution of portable water source due to back flow
  • Air Vent. Vacuum Breaker. Strainers

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    Air Vent. Vacuum Breaker. Strainers

    • For releasing air during refilling or to take in air during siphoning to prevent collapse or bursting of pipe.
  • Flap Valve. Penstock. Needle Valve

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    Flap Valve. Penstock. Needle Valve

    • Protection or control of system network systems