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Smart Actuators

Image Source: Valpes

Smart actuators are a type of actuator that use advanced technology to provide more precise control and automation. They typically incorporate sensors, microprocessors, and communication capabilities to enable intelligent operation and integration with other devices and systems.

Features of a Smart Actuator

One of the key features of a smart actuator is its advanced control system. The actuator is equipped with a microprocessor that can execute complex control algorithms and respond to various inputs and signals. This allows for precise positioning and movement control, as well as automatic monitoring and adjustment of valve performance.

Another important feature of a smart actuator is its communication capabilities. The actuator can be connected to a variety of communication networks, such as Modbus, Bluetooth, and Ethernet, which allows for remote control and monitoring. The actuator can also be integrated with other smart devices and systems, such as PLCs, SCADA systems, and building management systems.

One example of a smart actuator is the Valpes electric actuator. Valpes is a leading manufacturer of electric valve actuators, and their Axmart and Modbus-RTU add-ons are designed specifically for smart applications. Users are given the choice to add-on modules such as Axmart and Modbus-RTU to their compatible series of actuators to offer a solution that can provide smart controls and device integration to the user. The Axmart module allows for Bluetooth capability, allowing users to communicate to the actuator with the use of an application on Android and iOS devices. Modbus-RTU module allows the actuator to connect with many existing building and industrial infrastructure that are compatible with the widely used Modbus protocol, allowing data and controls to be sent to BMS or SCADA systems for automation and analytical purposes.

In addition to its advanced control and communication features, Valpes electric actuators are also designed for reliability and durability. The actuator has a rugged, waterproof housing that can withstand harsh environments, and can be equipped with a variety of additional safety features, such as a battery backup position recovery system if the user chooses to add-on.

Overall, the Valpes actuator with added smart modules is a prime example of a smart actuator that offers advanced control, communication, and reliability features. It is ideal for applications that require precise and automated valve control, as well as integration with other smart devices and systems.

Choosing and upgrading to Smart Actuators

When choosing to upgrade to a smart actuator, it is important to consider various factors on top of standard actuators such as the communication protocol as well as the software requirements for monitoring and analysis. Working with a professional to assess the needs of your system can help determine the best way to upgrade to a smart actuator for your specific situation.

At Val-Technik, we have extensive experience in the industry and can provide expert advice on smart actuator selection and installation. Upgrading to a smart actuator can improve process efficiency and monitoring detection, which will help with many industrial processes.

Contact us today to learn more about smart actuators and how they can be integrated to help you control water flow in your system. Email us at or call 6742 2770. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you.


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