Safety Relief

Fast Response for Progressive Discharge Relief

  • Relieves excess pressure in a pipeline when the fluid pressure exceeds the set pressure limit.
  • Unlike a relief/back pressure/sustaining valve, the function of the safety relief valve is not meant to maintain the pressure in a pipe.
  • The pressure limit is often set to a higher pressure than the operating pressure, this set pressure will only be reached in the event of excess build up in pressure in the pipeline.
  • The main advantage of direct-acting relief valves (similar to the direct-acting pressure reducing valve) over pilot operated relief valves is that they are quicker to react to pressure buildup thus keep pressure spikes to a minimum. However, the cracking pressure (pressure at which the valve starts to open) of a direct acting pressure relief valve is often lower than that of its set pressure. Since direct acting pressure relief valves are very sensitive to back pressure and do not operate close to its set pressure, it is best used where there is little back pressure present.
  • Pressure Relief Valve

    • Material : Brass / Bronze
    • Sizes : DN10 – DN100
    • Max Pressure : 16 bar
    • Set Adjustable Pressure : 1 to 12 bar
    • Max Temperature : 180°C
    • Connections:
      – Flange PN16
      – Female x Female BSP ISO 228
    • Application : Compressed air, water and oil