Hygienic Potable Water Piping System

Prevention of Legionella in Portable Water Pipeline

  • For maintenance of potable water hygiene in building installations (which is often neglected).
  • Stagnation and ideal temperature facilitate the growth of Legionella which can cause a type of pneumonia called Legionaires’ Disease when breathing in the mist from water that contains Legionella.
  • Stagnation can be prevent by using the innovative Kemper Hygiene System.
  • KHS Kemper Hygiene System

    Inadequate water hygiene is often found in potable water installations. The problems occur in cold and hot water systems. The main reasons for contamination in potable water systems is stagnation due to a period of non-usage, this often happens in old, unused pipework or periodically unused rooms of a building. Most building installations for potable water piping do not facilitate the automatic exchange of clean water and often require manual measures to flush the water. The KHS system uses an innovative pipe installation fitting called a Flow Splitter to allow automatic circulation of water in a room whenever the downstream of the main pipe is being used. The KHS Flow Splitter’s function is based on the principle of the Venturi nozzle. When combined with the KHS control system of sensors, controllers and automatic control valves, the automatic flushing of the water can be done remotely at a regular interval To further prevent the growth of bacteria, cold water has to be kept cold and hot water has to be kept hot. The use of thermostatic balancing valves such as the MULTI-term keeps hot water in the return line at 58°C