Chemical Waste Draining Piping System

High Chemical Resistance

  • For use in piping systems which require high chemical resistance especially in laboratories in schools, universities, hospitals and industrial facilities.
  • Vulcathene Chemical Waste Drainage System

    Vulcathene is a proven chemical resistant pipework system installed in laboratories in schools, universities, hospitals and industrial facilities, it is proven with all chemical combinations emptied into it including acids, alkalis, solvents, detergents, blood samples, retro viruses and radioactive wastes.

    Manufactured from co-polymer polypropylene with 3% carbon black ultra-violet stabiliser. Vulcathene has very high resistance to chemical attack and is well suited to the conveyance of aggressive chemicals, and other liquids as used in chemical plants and laboratory waste.

    Good tensile strength, ductility, abrasion resistance, high impact strength, weather resistance, and is stable over the range of temperatures normally encountered in the environment in which it is used.

    Vulcathene is resistant to many concentrated acids and alkalis and some organic solvents. Vulcathene also has a good abrasion resistance throughout its operational temperature range of between -20°C and +100°C.

    With a smooth bore, it is lightweight with a specific gravity of 0.905. It has high impact strength, which minimises damage during and after installation.