Equilibrium Float Valves

Hydraulically balanced piston

  • Equilibrium float valves uses the incoming line pressure to assist in the closing of the valve, unlike the common float valve where the buoyancy of the float has to be high enough to overcome the incoming line pressure.
  • Equilibrium float valves are useful in the areas where the incoming water pressure is very high or for cisterns with a large diameter inlet pipe. They can also help to overcome water hammer.
  • Equilibrium Float Valve

    • Diaphragm Actuated : The incoming water pressure on the sealing disk is compensated by the pressure on the upper diaphragm hence a small float is sufficient to open the valve
    • Piston Design : The piston design has a compensated seat, the incoming water pressure is being counterbalanced by the upper and lower seat of the piston, hence only a small float is sufficient to open the valve
    • Valve Material : Cast Iron / Gunmetal / Brass
    • Float Material : Stainless Steel / Copper / Brass
    • Range: DN10 to DN250
    • Max Working Pressure: Up to 14 bar
    • Temperature Limits: Up to +85°C
    • Connections :
      – Flanges PN10 / PN16 according to EN 1092-2 and ISO 7005-2
      – BSP Threaded