Water Meters, Remote Communication Sensors & Data Logger

Robust. Accurate. Reliable. Remote

  • Water meters that use a mechanical or digital display to show total cumulative volume flow through a system.
  • For commercial and industrial applications like billing for water consumption.
  • They come in multi-jet turbine or Woltmann type for cold water applications.
  • They can be attached with communication modules like for Pulse output or M-Bus protocol for several AMR systems 
  • MBus to Modbus converters for converting MBus signal into a Modbus signal
  • Data logger used as a central unit for recording data from multiple transmitters.
  • Woltman & Multi-jet Turbine Water Meter

    • Material : Bronze
    • Sizes : DN15 – DN500
    • Max Operating Pressure : Up to 20 bar
    • Max Temperature : Up to 40°C
    • Connections :
      – Threaded G3/4” – G2”
      – Flanged PN 10 / 16
    • Pre-equipped register that enables the use of communicating modules for several AMR systems:
      – Radio walk-by systems
      – Radio fixed data collection
      – M-bus wired systems
      – Any other system based on pulse outputs
    • EEC approved, Class B all positions according to ISO 4064


  • Remote Communication Sensors for Water Meters

    • 2 wire, non-polarized
    • Cable Length : 5m
    • Working Temperature: -10 °C to +55 °C
    • For Pulse Output Sensor :
      – Transmits a low frequency pulse output whenever number of rotations is equal to the selected K factor
    • For M-Bus Sensor, transmission of standardized data include :
      -Date and time
      -Primary and secondary address
      -Volume and back flow indexes
      -Alarms: Tampering detection and low battery
      -Customer ID (10 digit alpha-numerical)
      -Peak flow management (memorization over last 13 months)
      -Monthly Fixed Date Reading (FDR) of volume and flow rate over the previous 13 months
      -Leakage detection above 2 thresholds recorded over previous 13 months
      -Backflow detection (temporary or permanent) records over previous 13 months
    • For MBus-Modbus Converter : 
      – Connects a host with MODBUS/RTU master interface to meters with MBUS interface
      – Consisting of a serial MeterBus Converter, connection to host via RS232 or RS485 with up to 8 meter (=unit loads) and 200 variables


  • M-Bus Data Logger

    • Operated by the 7“ wide LED touch screen or with your PC / Laptop via the web browser
    • logged data can be exported to an USB flash drive, FTP server or via email to csv, xlsx or xml files.
    • Operating Voltage: 110 – 250VAC, 47 – 63 Hz
    • Power Consumption: max. 100W
    • M-Bus Voltage: 42V (Mark ohne Last)
    • M-Bus Standby current: max. 375 mA
    • Overcurrent Threshold: 500mA
    • Bus impedance: 8Ω
    • M-Bus baud rate: 300-9600 Baud
    • Interfaces: 10/100 MBit Ethernet, USB-Host, USB-Device, RS232 optional: W-LAN, analogue modem or GPRS modem
    • Terminals: 3 x terminals for M-Bus, plug-in terminals for floating contacts and relay outputs