Oil Meters

High Accuracy Positive Displacement Meters

  • These flow meters use a rotary piston mechanism (positive displacement). The main features of positive displacement meters are large measuring ranges, high accuracy, suitability for high viscosities and do not require power supply to operate; flow disturbances do not influence proper operation.
  • To measure heating fuel consumption by oil burners (for example, in heating boilers, industrial furnaces, tar processing plants, ships boilers)
  • To measure propellant fuel consumption by motors and engines (such as diesel locomotives, construction machinery and ships, or in emergency power units, combined heating and power stations)
  • Positive Displacement Oil Meter

    • Direct connection to control systems instead of connecting the oil meter to an intermediate transmitter
    • Types of Meters:
      – Electronic display with adjustable outputs of actual flow rates / totalizer / mass and temperature
      – Mechanical roller counter with total volume display
    • Material : Brass /Ductile Cast Iron
    • Sizes : DN15 – DN50
    • Max Operating Pressure : 
      – Threaded Ends : 16 bar
      – Flange Ends : 25 / 40 bar
    • Max Temperature of Oil : 130°C
    • Nominal Flow Rate : 400 – 20,000 l/h
    • Fuel types : 
      – Fluids according to ISO 8217-2010
      – Heating fuel extra light / light, medium, heavy, fuel blends
      – Naphtha 
      – Lubricating liquids (oils)