Flow Meters

Ultrasonic-Magnetic-Differential Pressure-Variable Area

  • Different types of flow meters include ultrasonic flow meters, magnetic flow meters, differential pressure flow meter, variable area flow meter
  • Paddle Wheel Flowmeters have a freely rotating impeller with magnets that is perpendicular to the flow. When there is a flow, the magnetic blades rotate past the sensor and generates a frequency proportional to the flow rate. Paddle wheel flow meters have little pressure drop. They work best with clean fluids, require a full pipe with turbulent flow profile for accuracy and require a straight run of pipe before and after the flow meter to dissipate swirl patterns.
  • In magnetic flow meters, a magnetic field is generated perpendicular to the moving fluid, when a conductive liquid flows through the magnetic field, it will cause a voltage signal to be sensed by the electrodes on the flow tube wall, the faster the fluid moves, the more voltage will be generated. Magnetic flow meters are unaffected by temperature, pressure, density or viscosity of the fluid and there is no pressure loss, however, they cannot work on non-conductive fluids such as oils and gases.
  • Ultrasonic flow meters use sound waves to measure fluid flow. When there is a flow, the flow rate is measured by the difference between the frequency of the transmitted ultrasonic wave and frequency of the reflected wave. They can be clamped to the outside of the pipe without any mechanical modifications hence can be used for temporary flow measurements and they do not obstruct flow. 
  • Differential pressure flow meters use an artificial constriction like a Venturi tube, nozzle or orifice to create a pressure drop  when fluid flows through the pipe, the greater the flow of fluid, the greater the pressure drop.
  • The variable area flow meter (or rotameter) has a float in a tapered tube, fluid flow raises the float and increases the area of passage for the fluid. The higher the flow, the higher the float is raised which is proportional to the flow rate. 
  • Digital Flow Transmitter & Insertion Fittings

    • Flow sensor type : Paddle Wheel
    • Transmitter Type :
      – Compact : Flow Sensor with Electronic Module
      – Panel Mounted Electronic Module
      – Wall mounted Electronic Module
    • Parameter definition:
      – K-factor / TEACH-IN function
      – Measuring range 4-20mA / pulse output
      – Reset main totalizer
      – Flow simulation
    • Material : Brass / PVC / PVDF / PP / Stainless Steel 
    • Sizes : DN15 – DN400
    • Max Pressure : 10 bar
    • Temperature Range : -15°C to 100°C
    • Connections : Threaded / Flange / Socket Weld / Clamp-On
    • Applications : Suited for use in neutral, slightly aggressive, solid free liquids.


  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    • For measuring aggressive fluids with high temperature and temperature.
    • Parameter definition:
      – K-factor / TEACH-IN function
      – Measuring range 4-20mA
      – Reset main totalizer
      – Flow simulation
    • Electrode Material : Stainless Steel 316L / Alloy C22
    • Max Pressure : 10 bar
    • Max Temperature : -15°C to 110°C
    • Applications:
      – Waste water treatment / Desalination
      – Flow control of drinking water
      – Laundries: measurement & control of consumption
      – Swimming pools: pump protection and flow control


  • Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter

    • Clamp-on flowmeter allow for easy and low-cost installation, no need to stop operations for installation, no need for in-line flanges, pipe fittings etc
    • No moving parts to maintain, no pressure head loss, no fluid compatibility issue and bi-directional measuring of flow
    • Temperature Range : -40°C to 177°C
    • Input / Output Type : USB / RS485 Modbus / 4-20mA / Total Pulse / 0-1000Hz / RJ45 100Base-T
    • Liquid Types : Most clean liquids or liquids containing small amounts of suspended solids or gas bubbles


  • Differential Pressure Flowmeter

    • Material : 
      – Main Orifice Carrier : 316 stainless steel flow orifice
      – Bypass Flow Indicator : Borosilicate glass indicator tube / polycarbonate filter bowl
    • Sizes : DN50 – DN200
    • Max Pressure : 20 bar
    • Max Temperature: 90°C
    • Connections: flange or groove
    • Application : Fire sprinkler installations


  • Variable Area Flow Meter

    • Body Material : Cast Acrylic / Polysulfone
    • Float Material : PVDF / Stainless Steel / PVC / Teflon
    • Sizes: 3/8” to 8”
    • Max Pressure: Up to 10.3 bar
    • Max Temperature: Up to 100°C
    • Connections : Clamp-On Insertion Mount / Threaded Male or Female