Flow Metering

Itron – Aquametro – Burkert – Influx 

Our flow meter devices are produced by European manufacturers with a longstanding track record in innovation and quality assurance. Accurate, reliable and repeatable, we have provided solutions to multiple industries for measuring low, medium and high flow rates for water, gases, steam and corrosive, dirty or viscous fluids. With smart building technology an increasing government initiative, our water monitoring solutions can be found in many commercial and residential buildings.

Our water meters and sensing accessories are easily installed and can provide output integration into building management or automation systems. All our metering devices are accompanied by a calibration report.

  • Water Meters, Remote Sensors & Data Logger

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    Water Meters, Remote Sensors & Data Logger

    • Volumetric water meters used in residential, commercial, industrial buildings mainly for billing purposes
    • Pulse Output & MBus sensors
  • Oil Meters

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    Oil Meters

    • To measure heating fuel consumption by oil burners 
    • To measure propellant fuel consumption by motors and engines 
  • Flow Meters

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    Flow Meters

    • For local and remote reading of flow rates in a pipe
    • Different principles of reading include magnetic flow, ultrasonic flow .etc