Actuators & Accessories

Electric & Pneumatic Actuators & Accessories 

  • Electric actuators use an electric power supply to drive a motor to generate a torque which will change a valve position. They are often used in areas where air is not readily available.
  • Electric actuators are comparatively more expensive than pneumatic actuators but have several advantages such as low maintenance (they can last a long time with proper maintenance), the operating cost is lower, they can be easily wired up to be integrated with existing control systems and they produce less noise during operation.
  • Whilst most electric actuators are susceptible to overheating during over-torque and malfunction due to moisture, our electric actuators come with a torque-limiter and anti-condensation heater to avoid such issues.
  • Pneumatic actuators are air operated actuators which convert air pressure into mechanical torque to operate a valve. Pneumatic actuators normally consists of 2 sets of pistons compressed by springs which are housed inside a cylinder, when compress air enters the inlet port, the pistons act against the springs and at the same time, driving a rack and pinion which drives the output shaft to the valve.
  • Pneumatic actuators offer more torque and speed compared to electric actuators, they also do not overheat and are insensitive to moisture.