Automatic Control Valves. Flow Meters. Actuated Valves. Sensors & Instruments

In Val-Technik, we supply a wide variety of products to suit various industries and applications. We also offer solutions to our customers for engineering problems such as water hammering problems in buildings, hunting of automatic control valves, batch control etc. Through the years, we gradually widen the range of products that we offer such as smart systems for green buildings, meters with data logger, highly sensitive instruments for dewpoint measurement. We hope to provide our customers with the best possible solutions to their applications with the experience that we have.

  • Pressure Control

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    Pressure Control

    Our Pressure Control Valves include:
    – Pressure Reducing 
    – Back Pressure & Sustaining
    – Pressure Safety Relief

  • Level Control

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    Level Control

    Our Level Control Valves include:
    – Pilot Operated Float Control
    – Equilibrium Float Valves
    – General Float

  • Temperature & Flow Control

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    Temperature & Flow Control

    Our Temperature Control Valves include:
    – Thermostatic mixing valves
    – Thermal balancing valves
    – Hose stations

  • Flow Metering

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    Flow Metering

    Our flow meters are produced by European manufacturers with a long track record in innovation and quality assurance.

  • Actuators & Actuated Valves

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    Actuators & Actuated Valves

    We supply reliable actuated and pneumatic valves with various features.

  • Solenoid & Deluge

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    Solenoid & Deluge

    Our range of solenoid vales can be paired with deluge or pneumatic actuated valves for various applications

  • Industrial Valves

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    Industrial Valves

    We supply various different types of industrial valves of different size and material to suit the required application.

  • Piping Systems

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    Piping Systems

    – Hygiene potable water 
    – Chemical waste drainage piping systems.
    – Water hammer arresters.