Quality & Reliability

Since 1988, Val‐Technik has supported Singapore and Asia’s regional industries with high quality valves, metering and piping solutions to fulfill various industrial applications. We strive to provide our best service because we believe our customers want good and reliable solutions.

The durability and performance of a flow control system can affect the productivity of operations. In light of the ever changing market, new technologies and products are constantly emerging, hence we keep ourselves updated with the latest product knowledge. We offer a broad range of products from leading brands, most of which are from industry‐recognized European or American manufacturers.

Experienced in Flow Control Solutions & Service Support

In Val‐Technik, we understand the need to select the right products to suit the required application. We correspond closely with our clients to understand their needs and liaise with our principals in Europe or America in order to come up with a suitable solution for our clients. We also provide valve sizing calculations and engineering drawings so that our clients have the necessary information to make a decision.

Our assemblies are done in‐house and we are able to do functionality checks depending on the product and instruction from our clients. Our service team is experienced in preventive maintenance and troubleshooting of the regular problems that arise at site which can be caused by a variety of factors. We strive to do our best to solve our client’s issues and we hope to provide each customer with a satisfactory result.


Throughout the years, we have widened our range our products to cater to a broader range of industries. These are the industries that we support :

Educational Institutions | Utility & Building | Waste & Water Treatment | Food & Beverage | Chemical Processes
Semi-Conductor | Biotechnology | Marine & Offshore | Oil & Gas | Pharmaceutical


  • Preventive maintenance of pilot operated float and pressure reducing valves.
  • Servicing or overhauling of pilot operated float and pressure reducing valves.
  • Supply and installation of water hammer arresters.
  • Sizing calculation of valves and water hammer arresters.
  • Provide mounting of actuators, controls and accessories to quarter-turn valves.
  • Configuring water meters integration, those supplied by Val-Technik, to building management or automation system in commercial and industrial buildings, tertiary institutions, hospitals, etc.